Is it at all possible to get midterm grades before the pass/no pass deadline?

I know in another post it said that grades will be available for pickup next week - but the pass no pass deadline is 4/5. It would be super helpful to have that for us who are unsure if we want to pass/no pass this class or take it for a letter grade.

Thank you very much,

Alex Kassil

P.S. Even partially graded exams and/or released solutions with our submitted exams would be helpful in gauging how we did on the exam.

They’re all graded, we’re just deciding on some cutoffs. We should have that done today, so I should be able to email everyone their scores by tomorrow. Do you know if the deadline for pass/no pass is midnight?

Deadline for P/NP is April 5, 2019 11:59PM

Reminder to send out before drop deadline!

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Just emailed them out

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