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This is the first post on a very nice integration. Good job!

at Sequence Learning section at the end is written “a number of special cases are worth mentioning:” and then it continues to mention 4 cases: Tagging and Parsing, Automatic Speech Recognition and so on. But check the hierarchy of these sections. should actually be
I thought they were more cases of Supervised Learning directly, but actually they seem to be cases of Sequence Learning

Thanks for the careful attention. Good catch. I just fixed the issue.

There’s a bug with the math notation. The conditioning bar | in LaTeX is generated with \mid.
For example \Pr(y=\mathrm{cat} | x) = 0.9 should be \Pr(y=\mathrm{cat} \mid x) = 0.9.

Also, I think you want to default the output of MathJax to SVG by adding this configuration to your HTML:

        jax: ["input/TeX", "output/SVG"],

Thanks. Fixed: