Installing to system

Excuse me for the beginner question (new to MXnet), but could anyone enlighten me on how to install MXnet to the system for all users with Python 2 and 3 bindings?

I’m following the directions at

Everything compiles, I get a lib/ and everything, but there is no instruction for how to actually install it, and “sudo make install” does nothing. “cd python;sudo pip install .” gives “RuntimeError: Cannot find the MXNet library.” even though it exists in ./lib/


Platform: Jetson TX2

Hi @wuxiekeji, so just to confirm, the standard install steps listed here do not work? Is MXNet library still not found when you pip install mxnet?

Hi @thomelane,
Those steps don’t work – I’m on arm64 with cuda9.0 (Jetson TX2). pip complains that it cannot find a version, hence needing to compile from scratch.

The standard install procedure works fine on my x86 boxes though.

@kellen would you be able to give some pointers here on how you’ve built for jetson? thanks!

Hey @wuxiekeji. We’ve tried to make this easier for users. Could you give ‘pip install mxnet-jetson’ a shot?