Installing mxnet on mac OS (R Studio)

I kept trying to install mxnet on mac but it didn’t work.
Can somebody please help?
My R and R studio is the latest version (v4.0.0 / 1.2.5042)스크린샷 2020-06-16 오후 7.33.07

This is what I’ve fount in the MXNet’s homepage.

Build and install Apache MXNet (incubating) from source

To build and install MXNet from the official Apache Software Foundation signed source code please follow our Building From Source guide.

The signed source releases are available here

You will need to R v3.4.4+ and build MXNet from source. Please follow the instructions linked above.

affter compiling MXNet source (the worst case may take one or two days dealing with dependencies), you could install it with R by using:

Install the MXNet Package for R

To install R and the devtools, run

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y r-base-core r-cran-devtools libcairo2-dev libxml2-dev

libxml2-dev is required for the roxygen2 dependency and libcairo2-dev is required for the suggested imager dependency.

To generate documentation, it is also required to install roxygen2 .

> install.packages("roxygen2")
> Would you like to use a personal library instead?  (y/n) y
> Would you like to create a personal library ... to install packages into?  (y/n) y

Note: To successfully complete the next step, you need a personal R library. If you were able to run install.packages("roxygen2") above, you either had already, or you have successfully created a personal library just now.

To build and install the MXNet-R bindings, run:

make -f R-package/Makefile rpkg