"index_t" causes many errors when compiling with vs2015

hi all, when compiling libmxnet from source on win10+cuda9+vs2015.
i got following errors after “python OpWrapperGenerator.py libmxnet.lib”

argument “scale” of operator “UpSampling” has unknown type “, required”
argument “num_filter” of operator “UpSampling” has unknown type “, optional, default=0”

finally i types of “scale” / “num_filer” are both “index_t”.

during compling libmxnet.dll, many compiling errors are also related with “index_t”.
it seems vs2015 can’t find way to convert “index_t” to “uint64” or “uint32”.

by now i fix these manually and not sure is safe.

is index_t problematic on vs2015? and how to let vs2015 recognize type “index_t”