Incomplete translation from Chinese to English

This page

does not seem to be written fully in English. Ex:

  • 我们通常用 ‖x‖‖x‖ 指代 ‖x‖2‖x‖2。
  • 类似地,假设 X 是一个矩阵,那么
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Thanks for letting us know! The translation of this book is still in progress, so it will be soon translated fully in English.

Yes, this book is still very much in beta. About 50% of the content have been edited so far.

Due to some known issues of md2xliff, some Chinese text is not recognized as translatable contents. As Alex puts, we’ll continue to edit.

Thanks everyone for letting me know. I thought I could help finding editorial mistakes, but if the book is still being actively edited, probably this kind of feedback is not very useful at this point.