Improving GPU usage on public SageMaker mxnet example

Hi, I’m training this public gluon example on a p2 notebook
looking at nvidia-smi, both GPU and GPU memory are under-utilized (mem is at 340Mib/11kMib) and GPU oscillates between 23% and 25%.
Is this expected?

I had a look on the example and you are right that the GPU utilization is rather low. One way to increase it, is to increase the batch size and set num_worker=4 in
The main reason for the low GPU utilization is that the model in this example is very simple: It only consists of 2 embedding layers and 1 dense layer:

with self.name_scope():
            self.user_embeddings = gluon.nn.Embedding(max_users, num_emb)
            self.item_embeddings = gluon.nn.Embedding(max_items, num_emb)
            self.dropout = gluon.nn.Dropout(dropout_p)
            self.dense = gluon.nn.Dense(num_emb, activation='relu')

So feeding data fast enough into the GPU probably becomes the major bottleneck in this example.

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