Im2rec tutorial / DSOD/ DeepLabv3+ / CycleGAN

Hello everyone
these are some repo from github
I could use some advice from you
how to write the good tutorial and introduce mxnet-gluon for everyone

im2rec tutorial
this is tutorial demonstrating how to use tool/
it can make .lst and .rec for ImageIter and ImageDetIter
I hope it will be helpful to you

implement DSOD/^DeepLabv3+ / CycleGAN

^Deeplabv3+ change backbone

if you see any interesting repo using mxnet-gluon ,share with me Thanks :grin:

Hi @leocvml,

Thanks for your contributions.
Here is a list of MXNet/Gluon implementation:

If you don’t see your repo there, feel free to create a PR to add them.

If you want to contribute tutorials that will appear in

You can follow this guide to contribute them: