I want to fine-tune a mobileNet that already trained using ImageNet dataset

I want to fine-tune a MobileNet that already trained using ImageNet dataset. Are there any .onnx format available for MobileNet. I would be very thankful if someone helps me to get a trained MobileNet.onnx file. TIA

Yes, there is an ONNX version of MobileNaet available here - https://github.com/onnx/models/tree/master/vision/classification/mobilenet

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why onnx? gluon model zoo already have plenty of MobileNets https://mxnet.incubator.apache.org/api/python/gluon/model_zoo.html and gluoncv model zoo too https://gluon-cv.mxnet.io/model_zoo/classification.html; you can take them and fine-tune directly with gluon

@olivcruche thank you very much for your reply. I am not sure how to fine-tune a gluon model zoo. Can you please give me some tutorial links that explain fine-tune process for gluon model?

You can read this tutorial, if you want to fine-tune mobilenet- https://gluon-cv.mxnet.io/build/examples_detection/finetune_detection.html

also this other tuto on classif finetuning should help: https://gluon-cv.mxnet.io/build/examples_classification/transfer_learning_minc.html, and the topic was discussed in this forum post: Fine tune a model with gluon

Those are helpful links. Thanks for sharing.

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