Hw6: where can I get train_tiny.zip and test_tiny.zip?

Are they for us to create, or they are given somewhere didn’t notice?

Ultimately, you will need to change those to full datasets, i.e. “train.zip” & “test.zip”.

if you follow the directions in the textbook, and download the d2l libarray they can be found in: d2l/data/kaggle_cifar10/

if you use colab: the following lines at the top of the notebook allow running the demo (if the data directory is changed from …/data to data):

!pip install mxnet-cu100
!curl https://www.d2l.ai/d2l-en-1.0.zip -o d2l-en.zip
!unzip d2l-en.zip && rm d2l-en.zip

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