HW4 Grading

Could the instructor clarify how HW4 is going to be graded? Is achieving some baseline score on Kaggle sufficient to get full points?

We will grade based on improvement from the baseline. Basically, if you meet a particular threshold (say improve X% over the baseline), you will get full points.

Will you publicly release the threshold value before the due date? I got a score of 0.119 on Kaggle and was wondering if this would be enough to get full credit. Tuning hyperparameters is a bit tedious so hopefully I can stop here…

+1 Kyle’s comment. We don’t know when to quit banging our head against the wall otherwise.

I was planning on setting a threshold around 0.12 for full credit. We probably won’t be able to determine what thresholds will be set for different levels of partial credit until we see the actual distribution of scores. That said, we were planning on having some type of reward for the team that scores the best in the class, in case that might motivate you more :slight_smile:

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