How to use MXPredCreate, C++ API for MxNet

Hello I’m working with Mathematica and neural networks.
In these days I’m trying to load a simple network exported by Mathematica using MxNet C++ API.
My graph is a simple linear layer with bias:

output = W * input + b

with the following dimensions: W 2 rows a 3 columns, b 2 columns, input 3 columns and the output 2 columns.
The Mathematica code is as follows:

linear = LinearLayer[2, "Input" -> 3, 
  "Weights" -> {{0.8, 0.6, 5.6}, {1.2, 2.3, 3.2}}, 
  "Biases" -> {2.3, 3}]
net = NetChain[{linear}, "Input" -> 3]
Export["netTest.json", net, "MXNet"]

This code creates two files netTest.params and netTest.json.
These two files are loaded using BufferFile class as in example “”.

BufferFile json_data("netTest.json");
BufferFile param_data("netTest.params");

Then MXPredCreate is called to create the network, using the file loaded as:

// Create Predictor
MXPredCreate( //Function to load a network by MXNet C++ API
             (const char*)json_data.GetBuffer(),           //Network structure
             (const char*)param_data.GetBuffer(),          //Network weights
             static_cast<size_t>(param_data.GetLength()),  //Weights file size 
             1,                                            //dev_type: (1: cpu, 2: gpu)
             0,                                            //dev_id: (arbitrary)
             1,                                            //num_input_nodes: (1 for feedward)
             input_keys,                                   //Exaplained after
             input_shape_indptr,                           //Exaplained after 
             input_shape_data,                             //Exaplained after

MXPredCreate has some parameters to be set, the most important are: “input_keys”, “input_shape_indptr”, “input_shape_data”. The input_keys parameter is the list of the placeholders of the network in Mathematica the standard name of the placeholder is “Input”.

const char* input_keys[1] = {"Input"}; 

For input_shape_indptr, and input_shape_data parameters I’m not sure which is the right value:

const mx_uint input_shape_indptr[] = ???; 
const mx_uint input_shape_data[] = ???;

How should I set my parameters in my example? Or more in general?