How to run the Scala examples on Mac

I would like to run the various examples in scala-package/examples on my Mac/CPU. Is it possible to do that without building from source? If so, how?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @kennerstross,

Have you had issue with the maven package?




Vishaal, I actually haven’t had any problems installing MXNet within our projects. Since I use SBT (instead of Maven), I simply include the following in build.sbt:

“org.apache.mxnet” % “mxnet-full_2.11-osx-x86_64-cpu” % “1.3.1”

Works fine, and I have some simple MINST models working. The problem is when I try to build and run any of the examples:

– all examples in scala-package/examples

– or the one example in scala-package/mxnet-demo/scala-demo

– or the one example in …/mxnetexamples/infer/image-classifier

In all of those attempts to run the examples, I ran into various problems. Sometimes artifacts weren’t found (for example, the 1.5.0 version was needed, but the repository for that wasn’t included; or the version numbers were invalid (such as “INTERNAL”); or scripts were maybe??? needed to be executed:,; or the documentation would say “run this script” but then the compiled classes weren’t found; etc.

I never found a clean path to downloading and building and running any of the examples I list above.



There was an issue a few days ago related to a missing directory in the classpath for the Scala examples. It sounds like one of the issues you mentioned (artifacts not found) but not all the issues you mention.

There have been two follow up PRs to address it in the last few days

So it would appear the answer is currently no in regards to building from source to run the examples. If you are seeing further issues, open an issue on Github or include the repro here and I can.