How to run the complete test suite for MXNet?

I have installed the MXNet for python from source code using steps mentioned here - However, I am not able to find the command to execute the complete test suite.

I tried to run the python unittests using command , “python -m pytest tests/python/unittest/”. But getting Segmentation fault (core dumped) type of errors.

How to run the complete test suite for MXNet? .


Hi SandipG,

It will be difficult to run the entire test suite locally as the CI pipeline runs through many different configurations of hardware and docker image. However, you can run some tests manually.

Here’s some more information on the continuous integration pipeline run by MxNet

In more detail, there are several test suites depending on what you want to run (CPP, Python) described in

Note, to run the Python tests, it’s a good idea to run them within a docker container for reproducibility. For example:

ci/ --platform build_ubuntu_cpu_mkldnn /work/ unittest_ubuntu_python3_cpu

(I suspect the difference between the above line and the analogous one in the readme may be a legacy artifact as the runtime_function method does not take any arguments.)

For example, unittest_ubuntu_python3_cpu would run the CPU unit tests with Python3 on Ubuntu. You would want to run this on an associated docker image e.g. docker_base_cpu.

Also if you haven’t seen it, I’m including this link for reference: