How to run lenet and other C++ examples

I have been trying to run the C++ version of Lenet in different ways:


./build/cpp-package/example/lenet ../mnist_data/

./build/cpp-package/example/lenet --help

None of these works.
Is there any description of how to run Lenet?

I also tried to run other C++ examples
and the only one that worked was:


I have exactly the same problem running MXNet 1.0.1, with Cuda 8.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. Every binary ends with a segmetation fault. Is there any solution or any description on how to properly setup the examples?

Hi dfferstl,

I got the segmetation fault when I compiled MXNet with CMake.

I followed this description for how to compile MXNet with make:

Then only one of the C++ examples threw a segmetation fault.