How to load and bind to the MXNet parameter in CPP?

I have the following code in Python, which is able to successfully load the model files successfully to the MXNet.

import mxnet as mx

cpu_context = mx.cpu()

symbols_from_json = mx.symbol.load(sym_json)

# load parameters
_, arg, aux = mx.model.load_checkpoint(model_prefix, n_epoch_load)

# Call the Module API
mod = mx.mod.Module(symbol=symbols_from_json,data_names=0,context=cpu_context, label_names=None)

# Binds the symbols to construct executors. This is necessary before 
# one can perform computation with the module.
mod.bind(for_training=False, data_shapes=[(0, (3, 224, 224))])

I am unable to find any equivalent API in CPP, which will let me do the above operations. I referred to the following links, but I do not find the Module equivalent in CPP and load checkpoint API in CPP. If I have to translate the above code to CPP, what are the equivalent APIs. Kindly help.

I referred to the following links for help, but they do not use the Module class and seem to be directly calling bind after some operations.

CPP sample1
CPP sample2