How to get custom quantized ssd models using `quantize_model`?

Hi everyone:

I want to know how should I do to get my own quantized ssd model implemented using Gluon-CV ?

I tried use the example from mxnet/example/ssd/ but when I ran the quantized models, the nd.waitall() raised an MXNetError exception. So my question is how the gluoncv get the quantized mobilenet-ssd json files ( see gluoncv/model_zoo/quantized), because I found this script only download the json file.

One possible reason may be that my exclude_sym_names was wrong, I wonder what layers should be excluded when quantization when using entropy quantization mode. Now I only excluded some flatten, concat, zero_like, plusscale layers which names are copied from get_internals() outputs. Any advise?


I just worked out the quantization.

More details can be found here:
GluonCV Issue Mobilenet SSD Quantization