How to convert SymbolBlock to Sequential?

Anyone knows how to convert SymbolBlock to Sequential so that I can estimate the output for each layer?

Hi Alvin,

Unfortunately there’s no way to automatically convert a SymbolBlock to a Sequential. You would have to manually create a Sequential using the network architecture of the symbol net that you’re trying to convert. If you know the network architecture this should not be too complicated.

Thanks Sad. do you know how to read out layers in SymbolBlock? I tried, but can only get the parameters, and I cannot pass the data and evaluate the response of correspond layer.

Hi Alvin,

If you save the network with net.export('saved-net', 0) you should be able to read the saved-net-symbol.json file that’s saved.

Thanks Sad, Let me post some code as below, and possible to show how to do it for a SymbolBlock?