How to Contribute to This Book

Become a D2L contributor, and you will be acknowledged in the book

The contents of the book are under revision. We expect that the quality will be constantly improved.

Feel free to contribute to this book (learn how to contribute). All the contributors (Github ID and name, if any) will be acknowledged in the book. Once you become a D2L contributor, please email your Github ID and name to


Thanks for the book, @mli et. al.

I’m unsure how the changes will be synced across the different languages of the books, but for the English book, should this Chapter instead mention, instead of which redirects to


Thanks. We are still editing.

Definitely. We are still editing the previous sections translated by agent from the chinese version, will update this section later.

Contribution will work via Github pull requests. There’s still A LOT to be done before the book is done. We just wanted to share what we have already.

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Hi Vishaal, we have updated this section. Thanks for your contributions :grinning:

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was the English version written first or the Chinese version?