How can we serve mxnet models built with gluon API?

Does Gluon API supports model serving ? Do we have any examples of how to serve gluon based model using model server ?

Gluon does not support model serving. However you can use MXNet Model Server (MMS) to server your model. You simply need to export the model as josn (see this explanation for an example), save the parameters (see this tutorial), and follow instructions on creating a model using mxnet-model-export (see docs here).


Thanks and That was informative !!

Hey Kishore,
We are also working on enabling serving gluon model natively with MXNet Model Server. We will try to have the code changes, example and tutorial in the MMS Repository in a weeks time.

We would also like to understand your use cases, that way we have a better understanding of the requirements.

  1. What kind of models are you building/trying to serve? What are the inputs and outputs?
  2. Are you training gluon models or using the pre-trained ones?

Also, if you are stuck at any stage, do feel free to post issues on the MMS repository.

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This Link would be helpful: