Help need in build a project

Good morning to all people in the forum,
I am a c++ developer and recently started giving a look to deep learning, I am a completely newby in that field.
I noticed that one of the only frameworks that can work with C++ is mxnet. So I downloaded and compiled mxnet with c++ support in my jetson nano ( compilation seems gone ok, I can see the generated *so file). My problem is building my first project ( that does nothing than printing “hello world” ), I have a problem in creating the cmake file so that it can find all necessary dependencies.
Can I have a help please

it’s not modelled correctly in cmake right now, but you would need to copy header files from mxnet and some of it’s dependencies to some include dir and link to the target in cmake

Thank you so much Lebeg.
Do you have any basic project I can use as starting point that you can gently share with me plese?

This might help