GPU 9.0 MKL speed slowed down after reboot

I installed the cu9.0 mkl via below command. The first time for me to open the jupyter notebook to run a notebook to classify EMNIST data, the speed was twice of it under cu8.0. However, when I restart the system, that speed up disappeared.
pip install mxnet-cu90mkl

My system is ubuntu 16.04, cuda 9.0 and cudnn7.0 were all installed. The HW was an ASUS G751 laptop(980M 4G, 32G ram, 512SSD).

Many thanks!

Could you try the latest version of MXNet and let us know your findings?

Since you are using a laptop (most probably no GPUs), there may be many processes running in the background which may have an effect on performance – difficult to pinpoint. Can you let us know if the behavior is consistent for multiple times – how many times did you try? Also, please let us know the exact performance numbers.

You could try various performance-related tips here:
especially using MXNet profiler. If you share the profiler output here then the performance bottlenecks can be pinpointed.

Many thanks, bhavinthaker.

I tried again with the mxnet_cu90mkl-1.0.0.post1-py2.py3-none-manylinux1_x86_64.whl
Still could not get the super speed I observed. Current speed is almost same as it was in cuda8.0

The GPU of my laptop is a Nvidia GTX 980M. I tried my desktop, which has a 1060, but I still could not find that super speed.

Another issue was I build from the source failed from 0.12. It worked in 0.11 on the same computer, and the only difference was installed cuda 9.0. I reported my finding in another post.