Gluon Sagemaker BYOM - cannot deploy model

I have trained a Gluon CV model locally and now I am trying to deploy it to Sagemaker.
This situation is documented in several places (here and here).

Everywhere, the preliminary step seems to package the model in a format being readable by sagemaker.mxnet.model.MXNetModel, i.e. basically running the following code:

import os
import json


model.save_checkpoint('model/model', 0000)
with open ( 'model/model-shapes.json', "w") as shapes:
    json.dump([{"shape": model.data_shapes[0][1], "name": "data"}], shapes)

import tarfile

def flatten(tarinfo): = os.path.basename(
    return tarinfo
tar ="model.tar.gz", "w:gz")
tar.add("model", filter=flatten)

My problem is that the above code does not apply to Gluon.
My model comes from the vision zoo, hence it does not possess the required attributes.
Running the above code results in:

AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-7-b573201434c1> in <module>()
      4 os.mkdir('model')
----> 6 model.save_checkpoint('model/model', 0000)
      7 with open ( 'model/model-shapes.json', "w") as shapes:
      8     json.dump([{"shape": model.data_shapes[0][1], "name": "data"}], shapes)

AttributeError: 'ResNetV2' object has no attribute 'save_checkpoint'

Any suggestions on how to create a SageMaker model data .tar.gz file from a pretrained model?
Thanks a lot in advance!

@thomelane you are my only hope man :grin:

Hi, does this help?

I could follow all the steps of the tutorial (gluon–> symbol) successfully.

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Thanks a lot for the reply! I thought about everything but clearly not about the easiest route :wink:
Let me check this out!

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