GitHub Discussions Beta

Dear MXNet users,

MXNet recently signed up for the Beta testing for GitHub Discussions feature. You can access the discussions feature right from the MXNet GitHub: The main benefit we see from this feature is the closer connection between users and the developers community.

We would like to ask you to try it out and share any feedback you have.


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It’s good try.
Every old users should try to answer new users every questions or at least give them the way to find the answer at first.
It will help us know what confuse users to improve our code too, and let users know that we care about them to attract new users.
And if you get right answer, don’t forget to thanks for the reply to make the community more active and try to answer similiar questions next time, which will save precious time for old users to develop and test if you really understand what you have learnt.

For new users:

  1. How to learn deep learning systemly to get your own neural network by having control of three main framework?
    I recommend Dive into deep learning:
  2. Try to search silimar questions before you ask:
    Do these before you ask:

    How to ask a good question: is the right way to ask question
  3. Why do I choose mxnet?
    I found maybe mxnet is faster than pytorch: