Getting along with Dive into Deep Learning

Hi MxNet,

I am a newbie to Deep Learning and recently got introduced to the D2L book, which I find very fascinating.

Going through the table of content, I was very optimistic and looking forward to diving deep. I have a Windows laptop , and I would like to know if it is sufficient to run the codes in the book, or I need to get a Linux or Mac?

Also my laptop has an NVIDIA Quadro 4k GPU card, but the book refers mostly to Nvidia GTX. Does this mean the Quadro isn’t the right GPU to use? Secondly I do not understand how to set the system up for CUDA applications. Can you please guide me, so I can get up and running.

Many thanks.


Hi @ikennanwosu, the Nvidia Quadro GPU should work fine. Though, you may need to use Quadro vDWS to run CUDA applications properly. :slight_smile:

@miker256 Thanks for your response. Can you please advise how? I couldn’t find a way to set this up. Thanks.

Hi @ikennanwosu, looking at your use case again I wouldn’t worry about vDWS since it’s for more advanced applications. Some for now make sure you installed the CUDA Toolkit and also have Visual Studio Community edition installed. The CUDA Toolkit has sample programs that will help you get up and running on some simple CUDA programs.