Get_model() failed

Unable to retrieve pretrained models from model zoo or download them from database online. It seems to do with https connection issue, but I’m not sure how to solve this problem. Looking for help.

This may have to do with your internet set up, can you try downloading:
in a web browser and see if that works?

I was able to successfully load the model using the same command using MXNet 1.2:

>>> from gluoncv import model_zoo
>>> model_zoo.get_model('ssd_512_resnet50_v1_voc', pretrained=True)
Model file is not found. Downloading.
Downloading /.../.mxnet/models/ from

Also note, best to paste text rather than images. And just to sanity check, what version of MXNet are you using?


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Now I am able to download the zip file from that link, manually, and still bothered by the internet issue. In fact for automatic downloading I only made it once but failed all the other tries, possibly due to the pretty unstable connection.

My way to get around this was unzip the .params file into the specified folder, and the script managed to run correctly. Hopefully I can troubleshoot the connection problem someday. My MXNet and gluoncv are 1.3.0 and 0.3.0 respectively.

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