Geometry and Linear Algebraic Operations

Please review the section 17.1.8. Determinant.
The example matrix A is different from matrix A presented in 17.1.4. Geometry of Linear Transformations.

I think columns and rows need to exchanged in 17.1.8.

Hi @mathnow, thanks for your feedback! We have corrected it at

%matplotlib inline
import d2l
from IPython import display
from mxnet import gluon, np, npx

def angle(v, w):
    return np.arccos( / (np.linalg.norm(v) * np.linalg.norm(w)))

orthogonal_angle = angle(np.array([0, 1]), np.array([1, 0]))  

raise bug:

Hi @chibinjiang, both of the following methods can change it to scalar:




@gold_piggy Appreciate

But why does .asscalar() not work???
As you see, the orthogonal_angle has the attribute of asscalar() method.

There is not attribute of asscalar in np interface. Here are all the supported functions.

Under Fig. 18.1.3, the vector 𝐮−𝐯 is the direction that takes us from the point 𝐯 to the point 𝐮, right?