Further recommendation

Hello everyone,I wanted to know what should be the next course after the successful completion of stat 157 in the area of machine learning and deep learning.

My personal recommendation would be to select an area you are interested in like NLP, CV, Reinforcement learning, Recommender systems, Time-Series forecasting or any other and start digging deeper by solving actual problems. You can get some from Kaggle. You can publish your kernel and get other participants review and comment on your code.

Another approach is to try implement models from recent papers, so you could get your hands dirty in the state-of-the-art models. You could even contribute to GluonNLP, GluonCV or GluonTS. This way you could get feedback from more experienced people from these domains.

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Thanks for the valuable suggestions.I intend to venture into NLP along with reinforcement learning and thus will start working on kaggle competitions.One more thing I would like to know is about the reinforcement learning.Since my exposure to reinforcement learning is very basic so it will be a lot helpful if you can recommend certain courses on this topic/text-book to follow.

I don’t have much expertise with Reinforcement Learning myself, but there is a Stanford course on RL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgzM3zpZ55o&list=PLoROMvodv4rOSOPzutgyCTapiGlY2Nd8u&index=1 Check it out, you may find it valuable.