Fine-tuning SOTA video models on your own dataset - Error

Hi all, I have followed your tutorial for Fine-tuning SOTA video models on my own dataset, but when I run the script I got always the same error, it says “Could not load file xxxx.mp4/img_00xxx.jpg starting at frame xx. Check data path”, maybe it is related to using pickle to open the video.
I’m using Ubuntu in a virtualbox, so I can not use GPU.


Hi, this error means the code can’t find the frame at xxxx.mp4/img_00xxx.jpg. Please check that particular path to see if there is an image of that name, maybe it is a path error, or a naming error.

If you confirm the data is actually there, can you provide more details of your usage?

  1. What does your data text file look like?
  2. Are you using image loader or video loader?
  3. What is your MXNet and GluonCV version?

Thank you.

Hi, I don’t have images, in the documentation it says that instead of having images, you can use a folder with videos, so I have a folder with videos and the .txt has the name of the videos. I dont understand why it says img_0150.jpg for example, there are no images, neither the 1, neither the 150.

I’m using the code from

I have also tested the option of using images, but then I got an exception- division by zero in the line:

Extract data and label

    data = split_and_load(batch[0], ctx_list=ctx, batch_axis=0)


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Sorry for the late reply, if you are loading videos, then you need to modify the dataset function a bit. That tutorial is for loading images.

To be specific,

train_dataset = VideoClsCustom(root=YOUR_ROOT_PATH,

This should work, please let me know how it goes.

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I’ve tried your code, the strange thing, is that now I’m getting the same problem that when using images, it breaks in the line
data = split_and_load(batch[0], ctx_list=ctx, batch_axis=0)
and the error
ZeroDivisionError: integer division or modulo by zero
maybe there is something to change in this code block for videos?

At the end I found that your reply is the solution, what happened to me is that I hadn’t GPU, and the code is done for GPU, what I did is to change what you suggested and in addition I changed the line:
ctx = [mx.gpu(i) for i in range(num_gpus)]
ctx = [mx.cpu(i) for i in range(num_gpus)]
so now I’m using my cpu in the context