Failing scala package call to src/executor/ Check failed: arg_names.size() == in_args_map.size() (2 vs. 1)

I’m trying to build the apache mxnet Clojure bindings with the Scala maven jar, but running lein test fails. It has failed the same way with several different nightly snapshots and a locally compiled jar. Here is the relevant section of my stack trace:

org.apache.mxnet.Base$.checkCall         Base.scala:  111                                                                                              
org.apache.mxnet.MXNetError: [00:06:01] src/executor/ Check failed: arg_names.size() == in_args_map.size() (2 vs. 1) :                   
                         Stack trace:                                                                                                                       
                           [bt] (0) /tmp/mxnet1088897398369758834/ [0x7f975ff1d5eb]                                                   
                           [bt] (1) /tmp/mxnet1088897398369758834/ [0x7f97628546e8]                                                  
                           [bt] (2) /tmp/mxnet1088897398369758834/, mxnet::Context const&, std::map<std::strin
g, mxnet::Context, std::less<std::string>, std::allocator<std::pair<std::string const, mxnet::Context> > > const&, std::vector<mxnet::NDArray, std::allocator<mx
net::NDArray> > const&, std::vector<mxnet::NDArray, std::allocator<mxnet::NDArray> > const&, std::vector<mxnet::OpReqType, std::allocator<mxnet::OpReqType> > co
nst&, std::vector<mxnet::NDArray, std::allocator<mxnet::NDArray> > const&, mxnet::Executor*)+0x7ad) [0x7f9762868c3d]                                            
                           [bt] (3) /tmp/mxnet1088897398369758834/ [0x7f97627a352b]                                      
                           [bt] (4) /tmp/mxnet1088897398369758834/mxnet-scala(Java_org_apache_mxnet_LibInfo_mxExecutorBindEX+0x220) [0x7f979ca86f00]        
                           [bt] (5) [0x7f97ad018407]                                                                                                        

Can anyone help me understand what’s going on?

Maybe @carinmeier can help?

Sorry for the trouble. It should be resolved with this PR

Thanks for closing this Carin.