Error "Parameter was not initialized on context cpu(0)"

I’m training resnet18_v1 on ImageNet dataset with officially provided code via Gluon

When I tried to access the model parameters via:

params = dict(net.collect_params())
weight = params["resnetv10_conv0_weight"].data()

An error occured: Parameter 'resnetv10_conv0_weight' was not initialized on context cpu(0).

I encounter this error only if the model is trained with multiple GPUs (–num-gpus > 1).

When I use --num-gpus 1, everything works smoothly.

So how can the error be resolved?

Can you check with the following command where the parameters are located?


You may have to manually copy the parameters to the right context by using the following function

@kaizhao you need to specify the context from which you want the data from
params["resnetv10_conv0_weight"].data(ctx=mx.gpu(0)) for example

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Ok I got it. Thanks @NRauschmayr also.

I have another question: if I make some changes to the parameters by

p = params["conv1_weight"].data(ctx=mx.gpu(0))
p = change_the_params(p)

How can I async the changes to all other devices? Or will it be done automatically by calling