Embedding size too big for GPU memory

Hi all,

I asked this in the github issues… and Anirudh was kind enough to forward me to this forum.

I’m attempting to train a recommender system with MXNet 1.0.0 in Python3, but I’m running into the following problem: the dataset has rough 5M items, 200k users. This means that I am not able to have an embedding size larger than 100, since the model would not fit into memory:

user_embed = mx.symbol.Embedding(name="user_embed", data=user,
                                 input_dim=5000000, output_dim=100)
item_embed = mx.symbol.Embedding(name="item_embed", data=item,
                                 input_dim=200000, output_dim=100)
pred = mx.symbol.sum_axis(pred, axis=1)
pred = mx.symbol.Flatten(pred)
pred = mx.symbol.LinearRegressionOutput(data=pred, label=score)

I know that it’s an overly simplistic model, but even this one doesn’t fit into GPU memory… well, then a more complex model won’t fit either. The GPU I’m working with has 12GB.

Results with embedding size 100 are ok with a smaller amount of items/users, but for the full dataset they are not anymore, so I assume the problem is that the embeddings do not have enough expressive power.

Is there a way to reduce that memory footprint? Perhaps loading the embeddings “on-demand”, i.e., only those that are actually required for a specific batch?

Thanks in advance!!

Ah, by the way. @eric-haibin-lin suggested to used sparse embeddings.

The problem I have with those are two: first, I keep running into problems such as “operation X is not supported for sparse embeddings”. Second, for an item-item recommender I was trying to compute the distance (some distance) between embeddings… and I haven’t been able to access the specific embedding for item X in the sparse structure. In the dense structure, I use model.get_params()[0]['item_embed_weight'][X] to retrieve the embedding of item X… but I haven’t been able to develop something similar for the sparse embeddings.