Difference between nightly build and 1.2 version?


I was wondering if I could downgrade my mxnet from nightly build to 1.2 and preserve the following performance expectations:

If not, are they easy enough as drop-in replacements in 1.2?


Hi - if you downgrade from nightly build to 1.2 you will loose the performance improvements of both PR. What is the reason to downgrade? Can you wait for 1.3 (excepted in few weeks)?
You might be able to integrate both PR into 1.2 (12085 has additional dependencies).

Hi Steffen,

We work with 1.2 for stability considerations. These PRs are nice to have, but since 1.3 will be out shortly, we will probably use some workarounds (setting dropout=0 for inference and use knn search) until 1.3 is out. Thank you very much for the great news!