CustomOp: Is MXNET CPU WORKER_THREADS > 1 still required?


I am using CustomOp to create new ops, to simplify my life and also do unusual things (I cannot do these with Gluon Block, I need to control what backward does by myself).

When I got into CustomOp, the tutorials all featured the requirement that
Now, the current docs recommend to set this to 1. And:
The most recent tutorial ( is silent on this point, even though it imports os on the first line, without ever using it.

Can somebody update me on this point? Is this requirement still needed for CustomOp to work properly, or is it not?

Thanks a lot

@piiswrong I see that you were working on removing the MXNET_CPU_WORKER_NTHREADS>1 requirement for CustomOps in May 2016 (link). Can you comment on whether you completed this? Much appreciated!