Create a Dataset Using RecordIO

I am trying to follow the example and create my own dataset for training using MXnet. My data is organized as specified in the example:

/data file1
.jpg file2
.jpg …
The tutorial says the first step is to run to create a .lst file.
python /home/dell/Bureau/data1 /home/dell/Bureau/data/ --recursive --list --num-thread 8
the output data1.lstCapture%20du%202019-03-18%2013-23-38
The format is:
integer_image_index \t label_index \t path_to_image
But i don’t know if my output is it correct??

I am not sure I understand your question. The list file has the correct format: index, label and image filename. If all your images in the above screenshot are supposed to have label 0 then the file seems to be correct.