Course Waitlist


Hope all is well!

A bit disheartened to find out I wasn’t included in the second cohort of students who got into the course yesterday/today. I added this class early/mid December when the waitlist was < 100. I am a graduating data science senior who has satisfied all the prerequisites with decent grades. I kindly wanted to ask what approach was taken in processing the waitlist. Part of me is wondering whether or not my application was received. Aside from needing to take this course, I am extremely interested in it. Thank you in advance and forgive me if my question seems repetitive.

Hi Shukre, I’m in the same situation. I am Data Science graduating senior added this class early Dec in waitlist position 7X, and still on the waitlist right now. May I ask how do instructors prioritize students on the waitlist? When I added this class I was missing one prerequisite grade but now I have finished all. I’m afraid that I filled out the survey early results me to be still on the waitlist. Thank you very much.

Hi guys,

I really feel your pain. And I’m terribly sorry that we’re capacity limited. Let me try and see whether we can get a third TA and increase the number of students we’re allowed to enroll.

If you just want the knowledge rather than the credits, you can look at the lectures online (yesterday’s recordings are up - we had a failure on Tuesday that we’re still working on fixing).