,ValueError: Unknown layer Slice!

  I want to convert the caffe module to mxnet, so I use the But I have trouble,the code report the error:**ValueError: Unknown layer Slice!**. I don`t know how to solve the problem,who can tell me how to modify the


Can you provide a minimally reproducible example and specify which version of MXNet you are using?

Have you read the caffe to mxnet faq?

The MXNet version is 1.2.0. Part of the caffe prototxt:
name: “slice1”
slice_param {
slice_dim: 1
bottom: “conv1”
top: “slice1_1”
top: “slice1_2”
Thank`s for you help!

Hi @C-SJK, could you also provide the command you ran to generate this error as I can’t find

Hi @thomelane ,
You can open the link"’’