Compiling error on windows

3rdparty\cub\cub\block…/util_ptx.cuh(258): error : identifier “__barrier_sync” is undefined
3rdparty\cub\cub\block…/util_ptx.cuh(291): error : identifier “__any_sync” is undefined
3rdparty\cub\cub\block…/util_ptx.cuh(304): error : identifier “__all_sync” is undefined
3rdparty\cub\cub\block…/util_ptx.cuh(317): error : identifier “__ballot_sync” is undefined

hi all, compiling mxnet-master with vs2015x64 got errors above.
any one knows how to solve it ?

Is there a specific reason you want to compile master branch yourself?

There are automatic nightly builds enabled for MXNet. You can install the latest nightly build by running:

pip install mxnet --pre

or, if you need GPU version:

pip install mxnet-cu92mkl --pre

i just plan to look into mxnet.
tried 1.3.1, 1.4.0.rc2 and master, both give the same error.
i use cmake to generate project files for vs2015 and compiled.
am i miss some steps before compiling?

@yajiedesign were you also using vs 2015 to build MXNet on windows?