Compilation errors while running examples in cpp-package

While trying to run the examples listed in the cpp-package, I see some compilation errors. It looks like the cpp-package is outdated and doesn’t run out of the box anymore. Also, the example given at: seems to be outdated too, and requires updates.

Is anyone able to get the cpp-package running?


I’m using cpp package (for a few months) and it works fine for me.
Some examples I’ve tried from mxnet/cpp-package/example/*.cpp also compile and run fine.

Yes, example from the link you’ve mentioned is outdated, indeed.
In particular, ‘Executor’ class does not contains ‘UpdateAll’ method anymore. You need to call ‘Update’ individually for all parameters (check for example mxnet/cpp-package/example/mlp_cpu.cpp).

Do you have other compilation issues? If yes, please send some specifics.


Thanks for the reply @eugeneraush, got my compilation issues fixed. seems to be some environment setup issues.