Commercial use license for pre-trained models

I s it possible to use pre-trained models for commercial purposes? classification, object detection, segmentation models for example.

The Licence file in mxnet github repo is as follows:

Does it mean that I can use the mxnet-pretrained model for commercial uses? I saw that imagenet is only for non-commercial uses.

MXNet and Gluon toolkits (e.g. GluonCV) don’t apply any additional restrictions are are free to use in commercial applications.

As for whether using a ImageNet pre-trained model is still bounded by the ImageNet database license ( you’d need a lawyer for a totally accurate answer! You can always download the ImageNet images by yourself and not use the ImageNet database. And in this case you should be aware that the hosted images could all have different licenses.

So you mean I can use pre-trained models of mxnet (e.g. Gluon CV) in commercial applications, right?

I saw this posts. I don’e want to use Imagenet or COCO or VOC directly to train my models. I just want to use pre-trained models of mxnet.

So I was just saying that MXNet doesn’t apply any extra restrictions on top of the dataset licences. You’ll be in the same situation as using pre-trained models from any other deep learning framework that allow commercial applications.

I don’t think the ImageNet licence is clear enough about this pre-training situation. You should send ImageNet group a question for clarity on this. And it would be great to hear what they say, thanks!

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