Clarifying D2L 7.1

From 7.1 of our textbook: “It is much harder to predict tomorrow’s stock prices than to fill in the blanks for a stock price we missed yesterday, even though both are just a matter of estimating one number. After all, hindsight is so much easier than foresight. In statistics the former is called prediction whereas the latter is called filtering

This reads as though ‘the former’ refers to hindsight, and ‘the latter’ refers to foresight, but I’m sure the authors meant the opposite. It may be worth clarifying this prose in a future edition of the textbook.

The reference of former and latter spans over a sentence and could be tightened up. Perhaps you could reword the second sentence to ‘to foresight is much harder than hindsight’ or you could reword the third sentence to be explicit: ‘Guessing future values is called prediction and filling in previous values is called filtering’.

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