Can't submit to Kaggle

Is anyone able to submit to Kaggle? The “Late Submission” button is broken for me.

its not working for my group either

We (I’m in Junseo’s group) were able to submit from the command line:


submitting from command line wouldn’t work for me either, i got a message back that said to make sure the competition is still active…

but you should be able submit manually through this link:

@ashleychien 's answer works for me.

You probably need to try twice if the first time doesn’t go through.

I follow the instruction:

I found the following steps allow me to submit to kaggle using terminal on my mac:

  1. pip install --user kaggle
  2. create a new folder: ~/.kaggle
  3. download kaggle.json
  4. move kaggle.json to ~/.kaggle folder
  5. run command line: chmod 600 ~/.kaggle/kaggle.json
  6. run command line: kaggle competitions submit -c dog-breed-identification -f submission.csv -m “Message”
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