Cant import mxnet

either as mxnet or an alias of mx, into a Colab notebook.


how is mxnet installed on the colab notebook? if you can try uninstalling and reinstalling via using
pip install mxnet-cu90mkl

the error seems to indicates that the mxnet installation is not properly linked to cuda shared object libraries.

I used !pip install -q mxnet-cu92

I used cu90mkl and it still faulted

in one of the colab notebook cells ?

actually looks like the issue is because of colab is using cuda 10.0 instead of 9.2.

See the following link for discussion:

Seems like the fix is to install mxnet with !pip install mxnet-cu100

I didnt see that version on the MXNet site. is it a valid option ?

yes it is.

from pypi:

ok. thanks. lets see if it works

did you nvcc --version ?

Ok. That worked. good job. thanks