Cannot import name 'multi_sgd_update'

Hi everyone,
I just pip install mxnet-cu100 on Google colab notebook, running on Tesla K80, to begin with the code in D2L book and I am getting this error when I try to import mxnet as mx

ImportError: cannot import name 'multi_sgd_update’
Can someone help?!


Hi @nkanven,
Can you try to list all the mxnet versions installed:
pip list | grep mxnet
pip uninstall -y mxnet-cu100 etc
and then reinstall with:
pip install mxnet-cu100 --pre

What I think might be happening is that these notebooks either have a file limit, and installing MXNet exceeds what is allowed?

Hello @ThomasDelteil
I figured it out. After the installation !pip install mxnet-cu100 on colaboratory, I need to restart the kernel. All is perfect now.
Thanks for helping

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