Can MXNet Java bindings be expected anytime soon?

I see that there are some other topics in this forum and some issues in MXNet GitHub repo that discuss about lot of people interested in having Java bindings for MXNet. I see that some people have come forward for putting efforts in that direction.

But am wondering if there is any solution that is working yet or can be expected anytime soon.

Hi @sampathchanda,

You can actually use MXNet in Java right now, through the Scala API. A great example of this from @yizhiliu can be found in this repository. And ongoing improvements in the Scala API will help Java users too.

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and FYI, the changes I made for java users are already in the apache mxnet, so NO need to clone that from my java branch (as in the README, git clone --recursive -b java The example should work with the official mxnet 1.2.1+ .

Hi @sampathchanda, we now do have Java Bindings available for MXNet :slight_smile:
You can read more them here :