C# binding for MxNet


I am working on the CSharp binding for MxNet and able to complete the Imperative, Symbolic and Gluon packages where the code is implemented based on MxNet 1.5.1 version. Can this repo be mentioned on MxNet documentation. I will work on developing the C# version of the API docs since we have similar for Scala, R binding as well.

Repo: https://github.com/SciSharp/MxNet.Sharp

Thanks for your hardwork in buiding this amazing library.


Hi Deepak,

This is really a great effort, very impressed with this binding based on sample I saw on the github home page. And indeed I hope that this is mentioned in the MXNet doc and homepage so also others can find it easily.

Seen all the .Net enhancements in last year for data science type of tasks (like Notebooks support, Dataframes), it is becoming a viable alternative for Python.


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Thanks Peter,

Now I am building GluonCV which I will start posting good number of examples once completed. Also have plans to implement Gluon-nlp, gluon-ts and Autogluon.