Building MXNet 1.6.0 from Source (MacOS)


I need to build MXNet for MacOS from source. Since 1.6.0 seems the latest stable release, I’d like to build that one. I followed:

This ended up building 2.0.0 from source, which is some experimental version. Could you tell me how to build 1.6.0 from source? I noted a branch v1.6.x, is it just I switch to that one and then follow the guidelines linked above?

As a comment: Would be useful to tell people on the page above how to build different versions from source, and in particular the latest stable release. I’ve heard 2.0.0 is super experimental.


The master is being used for v2.0. To build from source for 1.6.0 for example, a safe way is first git checkout tags/1.6.0 then proceed with the build.