Bounding Box IOU Semantic Segmentation


I am just working on the semantic segmentation module from gluon and I have some questions…I am trying to get an IOU from the segments but wanting to use a bounding box instead of pixel segmentation…

  1. Is it possible to get a bounding box from each segmentation predictions?
  2. Is it possible to draw a legend alongside the image returned from get_color_pallete() to show what the corresponding colour is for each class label?

I am using the tutorial demo code at


Hi, eharrihill.
How about using ‘pre-trained Mask RCNN models’?

This might be helpful:

Hi @eharrihill,
It would be helpful if you could clarify your use-case a bit:

  • you want to perform segmentation, then detect the blobs and create a bounding box around them?
  • if so I recommend using some blob detection from OpenCV and classical computer vision techniques for that.
  • If you want bounding boxes, I would encourage you to use an object detection network from the beginning, because otherwise you’d have a hard time getting bounding box if your pixels predicitions are scattered across your image.