Apache MXNet digest August 2018

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Here’s a digest of the tutorials, blogs, videos and announcements about MXNet during August 2018.

Gotchas using NumPy in Apache MXNet
A few things to be careful about when going back and forth between NumPy and MXNet’s ndarray.

Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning with Apache MXNet
Finding optimal values for hyperparameters using Sagemaker. (MXNet Vancouver Meetup talk)

Natural Language Understanding
Text classification, intent detection and more. (MXNet Vancouver Meetup talk)

Introduction to MXBoard (Youtube playlist)
Support for MXNet with the popular TensorBoard visualization suite. A picture is worth a thousand print debug statements.

Curalate makes social sell with AI using Apache MXNet on AWS
Computer vision with MXNet to find products in a seller’s catalogue.

Relation Networks for Visual Question Answering using MXNet Gluon
Given a picture, answer natural language questions like “How many red cars are there?”

Sentiment Analysis via Self-Attention with MXNet Gluon
Paying attention to the important content of a sentence to improve sentiment analysis.

Serving Machine Learning Models with Apache MXNet and AWS Fargate
You’ve trained a model, now how do you deploy it in production?

Pixm takes on phishing attacks with deep learning using Apache MXNet on AWS
Applying computer vision to recognize web pages that are not what they appear to be.